Cuba has many interesting and beautiful places. But the capital certainly is the most sparkling of them all.

Especially Havana’s Oldtown is full of places and people to discover…

Every visitor of Havana will sooner or later find themselves strolling along the marvelous Malecón, Havana’s old seaside promenade connecting quarters like Oldtown and Vedado. Especially around sunset, people meet and hang out and have a good time. The quarter of Vedado, on the other hand, is famous for the Hotel Havana Libre, at the top of which Fidel Castro established his command center after taking over power (the big greenish-white building in the establishing shot of the following video).


One of the Must-dos in Havana is certainly riding a cab. There is such an abundance of gorgeous old cars. And there are the funny yellow nutshell-like moto-rikshas to take you on a nightride along the Malecón and enjoy the sunset.